EFL-W Dock Lift Ladder


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This EFL-W Dock Lift Ladder is perfect for all docks. This ladder is extremely durable, due to the material they are made out of; anodized aluminum. Furthermore, this ladder has a total holding capacity of 750lbs due to the double rung locking mechanism. The fixed portion extends 15″ down from top of dock, and has wider 4″ steps for a more comfortable foothold. Customers can purchase this ladder as a 3-step, 4-step, 5-step, 6-step, or 7-step!

Width: 21″ Handle Depth: 8″ Step Height: 12″

EFL3-W 20lbs

EFL4-W 22lbs

EFL5-W 24lbs

EFL6-W 26lbs

EDL7-W 28lbs

See our DJX-W for a similar alternative.


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